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Soundtrack Saturday - Shadow and Bone

Soundtrack Saturday is a meme created by the lovely Erin, over at The Hardcover Lover.  The idea is to pick some songs that relate to the book in a few different ways.  This week I'm picking songs for Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.  Some of my choices are a little loosely related (I read the book quite a while ago now), but I hope you'll see the connection.
*This post also contains spoilers (sorry), so if you haven't yet read Shadow and Bone, I wouldn't recommend reading this.

A Song That Goes Well With the Beginning:
For this I picked the song Cold by Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz.  I think this verse:
"God and His priests and His kings
Turn their faces
Even they feel the cold"
kind of relates to the Shadow Fold (the cold) and how everyone is afraid of it and affected by it.
Okay, this is the one that least relates to the book.

A Song That Represents a Relationship:
I picked You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift.  I think it fits Alina and Mal's relationship, because after all the things they go through in the book, they still end up together.  Even after falling out of touch with each other, they find their way back together.  It's funny, because I think the song fits from both of these character's perspectives - Alina's at the beginning when she hasn't admitted her feelings to Mal (and feels a little like she's not good enough for him) and Mal's around the middle when Alina is with the Darkling.

I'm cheating again, and adding two more songs to this category.

The second song I picked is Through the Dark by One Direction.  This is another one for Mal and Alina, with lyrics like "I just wanna see you smile again" and "I can see your head is held in shame" relating to Mal's thoughts about Alina in the end, after she has been fooled by the Darkling.  "When the night is coming down on you we will find a way through the dark" connects to them both looking out for each other.

The third song is The Edge by Tonight Alive which I believe fits with Alina and the Darkling.
"Every promise that you made
I never thought I'd be
The one that you would break" relates to the deception of The Darkling and "But I will fight until the day the world stops turning and they will fall to ashes, I will just keep burning" fits with Alina's new determination at the end of the novel to keep going and to fight against the Darkling.

A Song That Fits the Ending:
For this, I picked Into the Nothing by Breaking Benjamin.  The lyrics "I won't leave and let you fall behind" fit when Alina jumps off the Darkling's ship thing to save Mal from the Fold (which I would define as "The Nothing").  "I know we can make it out alive" fits with Alina and Mal eventually making it out of the Fold, and making plans to destroy the Darkling.  "Straight into the light" is relevant to Alina's gift of light summoning and "stay with me, you're all I have left" fits in with Mal and Alina as they can't trust anyone but each other.

So that's my Soundtrack Saturday for this week!  Thanks for reading, and be sure to link me to your Soundtrack Saturday in the comments!


  1. You Belong With Me is one of the cutest songs ever and I smile whenever I'm listening to it. It's so heart-warming =)
    I FREAKING LOVE Breaking Benjamin! I haven't heard the others songs but I'll go to Youtube now and I haven't read Shadow and Bone yet but I plan to as well

    1. I totally agree - I love it. Really? That's awesome! I hope you enjoy Shadow and Bone when you get around to it :)

  2. I haven't read this, but I'm not really sure if I'd even like the series. Oops.

    I like the songs that I've heard of. lol

    Thanks again for participating, and no... you're totally not cheating by adding extra songs. ;)

    1. No, possibly not.

      Haha well that's good.

      You're welcome! Sorry :P

    2. No. Don't apologize. I love it when people add extra. It means you really read and explored the book. :)

  3. I really liked Shadow and Bone! And I think you did a good job finding songs for this book, they all relate well to the story :)

    1. Me too! One of my new favourites. Thanks Constance :)

  4. I really need to read this book.... I'm really considering doing Soundtrack Saturday, too.

    By the way, I tagged you for the Opposite Book Tag. :)

    1. I hope you like it if you do get to it! :) They're heaps of fun.

      Thanks! I'll get right on that.


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