My Rating Scale

The way I rate books is very fluid and depends on many things.  It is not consistent for every book I read, because I do not value all a book's qualities equally.

The main ways that I determine what I will rate a book are:

- the general feeling I have during and after reading the book

- how much I enjoyed it

- my view of the quality of the writing and storyline

- my opinion of the characters

- my opinion of the plot

- the appropriateness of the the pacing

So you can see, this makes rating difficult.  A book may have poor character development, but an excellent storyline.  There are some books that I may not have enjoyed, but I believe that the writing is beautiful, or the characters are amazing.  In the same way, just because I give Book A 4 stars and Book B 3 stars does not mean that I think Book A is better than Book B.  It all depends on the book.

The best way to know my opinion of a book is to read my review of it or ask me what I thought - which I definitely encourage!

Having said that, here is a general overview of what my ratings mean.

I didn't think this book had any flaws, or it had a few that I was willing to overlook because I loved it so much.

I really enjoyed this book, however there were some bits that I didn't like that I wasn't willing to overlook.

I liked this book, but I didn't quite love it and/or connect with it.

There wasn't much that I liked about this book.

I didn't like this book at all.  I rarely give books this rating as I will have put them down before finishing them.

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