Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Bedtime Book Tag

Today I'm doing the Bedtime Book Tag.  No one tagged me, but I saw it on Paper Fury and I liked the questions, so I'm doing it.  So yeah, that's all there is to say really.  On to the questions.

1.  A Book That Kept You Up All Night
There's a lot of books that have kept me up until after midnight, which I am counting as all night.  This is because I am a slow reader, and I have recently discovered that my reading becomes unstoppable once I'm up to the last 100 pages.  When I get to that point, I'm not putting it down until it's finished.  Books I most remember staying up late to finish include Clockwork Princess, Dangerous Girls, The Book Thief and Wonder.

2.  A Book That Made You Scared To Sleep
The first one that comes to mind is 172 Hours on the Moon.  I didn't love the book, but it sure succeeded in freaking me out!

3.  A Book That Made You Go To Sleep
Vanishing Girls was way too slow for me and Splintered dragged on in parts for me too.

4.  A Book That Left You Tossing And Turning All Night In Anticipation Of Its Release
Here is a small story for you about how my mind works.  The other day, I noticed some strange marks on my arm* which hadn't been there the day before and they didn't look like bruises, so I was a little concerned.  Actually, my brain went straight to "I've been poisoned and I'm going to die" and straight after that to "I'm going to have to write a letter to Maggie Stiefvater so she'll tell me what happens in The Raven King" - so, that's the book that keeping me up these days.
*They've disappeared now, so I guess everything is okay

5.  A Book That Has Your Dream Boyfriend
Well, if I'm being realistic, Levi from Fangirl would be my dream boyfriend.  He's adorable and super kind which is what I would go for in real life, as opposed to my previous other picks like Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer or Will from The Infernal Devices - I may as well face it.

6.  A Book That Would Be Your Worst Nightmare To Live In
Um, The Hunger Games.

7.  A Book That Reminds You Of Nighttime
Although I know rationally that not absolutely everything in Angelfall happens under the cover of darkness, that's how I see it in my head.

8.  A Book That Had A Nightmarish Cliffhanger 
Most recently, The Heir.  But the one that had me on edge for the longest time was Insurgent (which, by the way, I loved).

9.  A Book You Actually Dreamed About
I don't know that I've actually dreamed about a book.  I've had many dreams that included various Harry Potter characters, but they weren't necessarily set in the wizarding world.  And I've had dreams inspired by events from books.  Does that count?

10.  A Book Monster You Wouldn't Want To Find Under Your Bed
Where do I start?  Those things from The Maze Runner, a blast-ended skrewt, those mantis things from Uprooted, the nightmare creatures from The Dream Thieves... I wouldn't even want to find Valentine from The Mortal Instruments under my bed.  I don't even like the idea that spiders could be (and probably are) under my bed right now.  Nothing under my bed please.

So that was the Bedtime Book Tag.  I'd like to tag anyone who wants to do this, or has the word "the" in their blog url.

Do books scare you easily?  Have you ever had a dream inspired by a book?  I want to know!


  1. the stuff from The Maze Runner were pretty awful and I wouldn't want to find them under my bed for sure! And I've never really stayed until really late to finish up a book; I have no problems to just stop reading if I'm tired but when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out I couldn't stop when I was 200 pages left but that's the only case if my mind doesn't fail me. And I'm pretty sure I've dreamt about books before but since I never remember what I dream about I can't say for sure hahahaha

    1. Haha I'm glad you agree!
      You're lucky that you have that much self control - except of course when it comes to Harry Potter :')
      That's too bad that you don't remember your dreams.


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