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Q&A - Liebster Nomination

I was lucky enough to be nominated for another Liebster - many thanks to Andie @ Metaphorical Musings!  The rules for this were slightly different than my last post in that you are supposed to list 11 facts about yourself as well as answer the 11 questions.  As I have already nominated 11 people, I've decided that, like many other bloggers, I am just going to answer the questions.

So first, I have 11 facts about myself (I apologise in advance if they are all extremely boring to you, and I have tried not to repeat things that I have mentioned previously):

1.  If I’m not reading or wasting time on Goodreads, I’m either watching TV or Youtube videos….or on Tumblr.  Oh, and I do my homework occasionally too.

2.  I'm short-sighted, so I can't see things far away from me clearly.  I either wear my glasses or contacts everyday.

3.  I'm not only short-sighted, but short-heighted.  I am seriously the only person I know who will never be taller than their mum.

4.  I used to play and love netball.  Sometimes I catch myself missing it.

5.  I also used to learn karate.  Then my brother quit, and I was forced to as well.  This same thing also happened with swimming, basketball and tennis.

6.  I've always wanted to be a writer.  I do still plan to at least attempt to release a novel one day, but I think I'm better at coming up with ideas than actually writing them out.

7.  I'm a slow reader. *sob*

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It's a struggle.

8.  If I read a book that I really like, I generally force my parents to read it.  My dad is currently struggling through Allegiant (and has been for MONTHS) because he wants to finish the series now that he's started it.

9.  Being worried is part of my personality at this point.  I'm always stressed about something.  People have been telling me not to worry so much for my entire life.

10.  I'm also an extreme procrastinator and a bit of a perfectionist (about my own work).  This doesn't mix well with the worrying.

11.  I do not get along well with spiders, but I refuse to kill them.

Phew.  Now onto part two, which is the questions I was asked by Andie:

1.  Make up a book genre. What would you name it? What would it be about?

It's kind of between fantasy and paranormal and includes pirates.

2.  If you could give books/reading a flavour, what would it be?

Vanilla.  Because at first you think eh it's just vanilla, but then you taste it and it is amazing.

3.  Recommend 3 of your favourite books. Why did you chose them?

1.  Angelfall by Susan Ee - this is an angel book like no other.  Well, it’s not really an angel book.  It’s more of a dystopian.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  You should read it.
2. Asunder by Jodi Meadows - this is the sequel to Incarnate and it changed this series from being one that I liked into one that I loved.  I also think it deals with serious issues that you find in today’s world.
3.  Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo - this is one of those books that I just knew I was going to love after reading the first few pages.  It is exceptionally rare for me to find a book like this, and I treasure them when I find them.

4.  If you could pick one book to define your personality, what would it be?

You may have heard me say this before (I mentioned it in my last Top Ten Tuesday post), but Cath from Fangirl is like my personality-twin.  So Fangirl is probably a good book to define my personality.

5.  In your opinion, what TV show/movie would make a good book?

Probably Teen Wolf.  It would need a few alterations, but otherwise it’s got the makings for an awesome paranormal book - and I know there is actually already an existing Teen Wolf book or two.

6.  Who is your favourite villain? And I'm sorry but you can't pick Voldemort.

Sebastian Morgenstern is a pretty intense villain.

7.  What book-to-movie would you want to direct? Cast the characters yourself.

Oooooh so many.  Just to make sure that they were done right :P  They’d most likely end up being about 5 hours long…
Angelfall and Legend are two books that I would love to be turned into good movies.  I have no idea who I would cast though.
Perhaps Crystal Reed for Penryn - even though the ages are pretty different!

8.  What were your favourite books as a kid? If you didn't read as a child, then what were the first books that got you hooked?

Enid Blyton books, Beatrix Potter stuff, the Rainbow Magic Fairy books… just a lot of random books.

9.  Who is your favourite author? Why?

Oh this question is mean.  I have so many.  I’m going to have to say Diana Wynne Jones because I have loved every one of her books that I have read and I would reread them over and over with no problem.

10.  If you could invite 5 authors, dead or alive, to dinner who would you invite? And why?

Again, I’m going to mention Diana Wynne Jones.  Sadly, I will never have the chance to meet her now.  I imagine that she must have had an intriguing personality, and I would have loved to have picked her brains.  Another would be J.K. Rowling because… J.K. ROWLING.  I’d also invite Cassandra Clare because I love her books and I also like her tumblr posts and agree with a lot of her opinions.  I would love to meet Marie Lu and Laini Taylor too, so that I could ask them about their writing.  The last author I would invite would be John Green (and I’d like to invite Hank too, but he isn’t included in the question :( ) because I am a big fan of vlogbrothers and the charity work that they are involved in.

11.  Poems are really underrated nowadays. What/Who are some of your favourite poems/poets?

I honestly don’t have any - just childhood rhymes I suppose :(  I feel so uncultured right now.

And the bonus question...

What's a famous bookstore you would love to visit and why?

I would want to visit the giant one from Beauty and the Beast:

So, it's technically not a bookstore.  But seriously, who wouldn't want to visit here?


  1. That's cool. I would love to take karate classes.

    A lot of the books you mentioned are still on my TBR list, especially Fangirl. I just LOVE teen wolf and I'm so happy to know that there is a book version of it (I know it won't be just as good, but still).

    I'd love to have the Beauty and the Beast library all to myself. Great choices, Sabrina. Thanks for answering my questions!

    1. I think I might start up again one day.

      Oh yeah? Fangirl is a must-read! Hahah yeah, the ratings on Goodreads for it are not exactly great :P

      Thank you, and no problem! It was fun :)


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