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My Book Life - Tag

Thank you very much Connie @The YA Book Thief for tagging me to do this post!  I'm going to follow what seems to be the unspoken rule of this tag and not mention a book twice.

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Who would be your father?
Mr Kadam from Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck is my pick.  He's always looking out for the characters and is just kind and awesome in general.  He acts a little more like a grandfather than a father, if you know what I mean.  The characters in these books are lucky to have him!

Who would be your mother?

Issa from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor is my choice for this one.  Issa is just lovely, and again, very kind.  But she is also smart and can fight if it's necessary.
Who would be your sister?
I picked Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for this one.  She's always looking for the best in people which would be good in a sister.

Who would be your brother?

I'm going to go with Day from Legend by Marie Lu.  I just think he would be good to have around so that I could get him to teach me how to scale buildings and all that cool stuff.
Who/what would be your pet?
Manchee the dog from The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.  I'd treat that dog a whole lot better than Todd ever did.

Where would you live?

Idris, the Shadowhunter country place thingy from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.  It sounds like it would be super pretty and I'd also get to meet some amazing Shadowhunters.
Where would you go to school?

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Hogwarts from Harry Potter is the ultimate fictional school.  I'm sorry, I couldn't be original here.

What would be your fictional job?
I think I'd enjoy be a Fairytale Detective like the girls from The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley.  The two sisters, Sabrina (A book character with my name!) and Daphne, along with their grandmother Relda, investigate crimes in Ferryport Landing - the place where all the fairytale characters live.  I'd love getting to meet all the characters.

Who would be your best friend?

Even though she doesn't seem like the kind to have a lot of friends, I'd pick Penryn from Angelfall by Susan Ee.  She's just all around awesome and definitely someone you want to be on the good side of.
Who would be your significant other?
My one true, fictional love will always be Will Herondale, from The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.  Which reminds me, I have to reread these books soon...

If you've read this far: consider yourself tagged!  Link me to your Book Life posts in the comments, or just type out your choices!  I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


  1. Awesome choices, Sabrina! :D Especially Idris, another book location I covet but didn't allow myself to write because I already had answers from TMI and TID xD and no worries about not being original about Hogwarts, everyone understands ;)
    Day would be an awesome brother! I really love his sibling-relationship with Tess, it'd be awesome to be a part of that <3

    I really need to read some of the books you mention on your list! (Tiger's Curse, Daughter of Smoke and Bone) Awesome post :D

    --Connie @ The YA Book Thief

    1. Haha it was a struggle not mentioning book series more than once, that's for sure! Thank you for understanding :P
      Yeah, I completely agree.

      You realllllllly need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone! Tiger's Curse seems to be one of those books where people either love it or hate it. I hope when you get around to it you enjoy it!
      Thank you!


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