Friday, 5 June 2015

Mini Reviews ft. Cinder, Siege and Storm and End of Days

I haven't posted any reviews for a really long time, so today I'm catching up a little bit.  Hopefully I'll get back into review writing soon.
Also, I'm doing something a little different this time with my mini reviews, I hope you like it!

More Thoughts
Cinder lives in New Beijing, run by the Emperor.  There's a plague on the lands that's spreading fast and killing a lot of people.  I thought the romance was adorable and I liked the pacing.  Cinder (the character) was great and I liked Prince Kai as well.  I also liked a few other characters like Iko.  I was a little disappointed with how predictable a lot of it was, as well as the fact that hardly anything got resolved in the end.  I know that it's part of a series, but I thought that at least one part of the story would end.  It was cool how Cinder's world is so similar to ours, and that there is a bunch of people living on the moon.  I liked this quite a lot and I'm excited to get to the next book!

More Thoughts
Really, there's not that much more that I need to say on this book.  In saying that I liked Alina's choices, I don't mean that I necessarily agree with them but I think they are sometimes unexpected and make the book entertaining.  I loved how she never really acted out of fear.  Sturmhond definitely made the book for me, whilst Mal started seriously getting on my nerves.

More Thoughts
Okay, firstly there actually was one main thing that I disliked about this book, and that was how brief the ending was.  I needed a bit more closure.  Here's some extremely spoiler-y thoughts on that: [I wanted to see more of these poor characters happy together!  Also, so now there are locusts on Earth, and Raffe has demon wings?  I'd have loved more expansion on this and on how the rest of the world feels about it.  I'm so happy though that Paige is healing and she's starting to speak again].  There was also a certain scene that felt quite awkward to me, and that doesn't happen all that often.  Other than that, I was in love with this book as a final novel.  I can see how it could have been dragged out into a couple more books, because it was so packed with stuff happening, but I think the pacing was good.  I also loved how this book, and the entire trilogy, had strong themes about family, who your family is and what you would do for your family.  I of course continued to adore the characters - Penryn is seriously awesome [also, how cool was Penryn's mum in this one?!] and Raffe is just as great.  [Speaking of characters, I loved hearing more about Beliel's tragic backstory.  I actually felt sorry for him].   Overall, this book was as insane as expected, and I was not disappointed!

Have you read any of these books?  Do you think the picture summaries of my thoughts are okay, or do they look too big and out of place?


  1. I'm glad you liked Cinder. It's definitely one of my favorite books of all time, and I just love the dramatic irony in it. I can't wait for the final book to come out this year, but I'm sad to let the series go. :'(

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    1. I'm glad that you liked it too! It's always difficult when a series ends - there's so many mixed feelings. I'm hoping to catch up with the Chronicles by the time the last book is out.


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