Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Little Update

This is just a quick little update to say that I'm going to be away from blogging properly for about another week!  I've already been gone for two weeks today, but I'm going to be taking more time off.  Unfortunately a lot has come up with uni (I have over 5 assignments and assessment tasks over the next couple weeks) so I'm just not able to commit to posting regularly.  In saying that, I have two posts in mind that I'm hoping to get out before the end of August - so we'll see if that happens!

I know that I'm really slack with constantly posting - I think I've taken at least a week off every month this year - so sorry about that.  Hopefully you will forgive me :P

I'm still reading blogs and books, but after long days of uni work, I just haven't felt up to writing posts myself.

I promise I'll be back soon!


  1. It's okay Sabrina! Take all the time you need. You're missed, but we'll wait! I hope you do well and figure uni out♥

    Jumana @ Books by Jay

  2. Good luck with Uni and your assignments! Sometimes there is too much work and I totally understand being absent until you figure everything out. Don't stress, you'll do great :)

    1. Thank you Noelia! Yeah - it's all just come at once. Sometimes I have no work, and other times I have a tonne - there's no where in between!
      Thanks again :)


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