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Soundtrack Saturday - Cruel Beauty

Soundtrack Saturday is a book meme created by the lovely Erin over at The Hardcover Lover, where you pick songs that match a book you've read.  Today I'm matching songs to Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge.  There's spoilers if you don't want to know what this book is about, it's nothing that you wouldn't know if you have read the synopsis, this is just a warning in case you plan to read the book with no idea of what is going to happen.
* I've linked all the songs to their lyrics, not a clip of the song.

A Song That Fits the Beginning
For this, I've picked You Should've Killed Me When You Had the Chance by A Day to Remember due to lyrics such as "So I say goodbye to a town that has ears and eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk by," because at the beginning, Nyx is essentially leaving a town, and her family, who have been talking about her her entire life, and the plans for her future.
"The only thing that's going to bother me is that you'll all call yourselves my friends" fits with her family, as she doesn't believe that they truly care about her, and are only using her as a means to an end.
"I walked into your house this morning, I brought the gun from our end table" sort of fits as she is to live with Ignifex and kill him right under his nose.

(I realise this is a bit of a stretch and I'm taking the lyrics very literally and a little out of context).

A Song That Fits A Character
I chose Riot by Three Days Grace as a song that fits Nyx, the main character, as a lot of the emotions mentioned in this song are things that Nyx feels throughout the novel.  For example: "empty", "let down", "angry" and "walked on".

A Song That Fits A Relationship
I chose another Three Days Grace song for this category: I Hate Everything About You.  "I hate everything about you, why do I love you?" pretty much sums up the relationship between Nyx and Ignifex, from both their perspectives.

A Song That Fits the Ending
Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time) from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is the song I've picked for this because, 1) I couldn't pass up an opportunity to include a song from the soundtrack and 2) I think it actually fits pretty well with the ending.  The phrase "tale as old as time" itself has some pretty significant connections to the ending, I believe since (highlight for spoilers):[ all the little myths/stories from throughout the book seem to end up being true/relevant, even though they are tales that they've been telling for as long as they can remember].  "Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly" fits well with the relationship side and ["Finding you can change, learning you were wrong" fits with the main characters at the end too].  And I don't think I could find a better phrase to sum up the overall ending of this book than "bittersweet and strange".

So that's my Soundtrack Saturday for today!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't read this book, but I've been thinking about possibly getting to it one day. I've only heard two of these songs, but it's enough to have me think of getting it from the library.

    1. Oooh I highly recommend it :) I'm glad you're thinking of getting it from the library!

    2. I just have to renew my library card. They cancelled it. :(

  2. I've been meaning to participate in this meme for the longest time, except I typically don't listen to much music outside of some piano and a few favorite artists, so I never seem to know the best songs to fit a book, haha.

    Also, I've tagged you for the Christmas Carol Book Tag! Please don't feel obligated to participate, though :)

    - Connie @ The YA Book Thief

    1. I have difficulty picking songs a lot of the time too, don't worry! I've taken to writing a list whenever I think of a song that I think goes with a book, so I have a document that I can pick and choose from.

      Thanks for tagging me! Hopefully I will have that up today or tomorrow :)


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