Sunday, 16 November 2014


So, it's been a week since my last post and I had several posts planned for the last week.  What I found though, was that I didn't like anything I'd written.  I like my ideas, but my execution was very poor.  I didn't feel excited about anything I wanted to post, because I knew that I could do it better.  I'm also currently fairly unhappy with my blog layout and design.  This has led to a long stream of procrastinating on writing new posts, and now I am behind.

Because of this, I have decided to take a further two weeks off of blogging.  I think this will help refresh me, and will give me time to come up with new ideas and to refine the ones I already have.  I realise three weeks is a pretty long time, and I would probably have just made it two, but I am going away for a week soon without internet.

Other updates:
-  The Retribution of Mara Dyer has still not arrived which is making me increasingly frustrated considering I preordered it and the longer it takes the more chance there is that I am going to see a spoiler.
-  I am officially finished high school as of last Tuesday, when I had my final exam, so I am free!  (Another reason why this blogging rut is so frustrating - I seriously have all the time in the world right now).

I apologise that I am going to be inactive in terms of posting for the next little while, but I hope that you can understand my reasons, and hopefully I will be better at blogging when I return!


  1. Take all the time you need, Sabrina!! My 2 months hiatus (due to final exams as well) definitely refreshed me. I'm really upset you haven't gotten your RoMD pre-order, what the hell?

    I am in the exact situation as you right now. So happy you finished your exams! I have all the time in the world but I end up being too lazy to write posts or read books. Weird huh.

    Looking forward to your return, wish you well lovely :D

    1. Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the support :) I'm glad to hear that taking a break works! Yeah, I'm very upset about it too. I'll blame Australia Post for being so slow.

      Me too! It's a great feeling. It is weird not having anything to do, yet being lazy.

      Thanks again! x

  2. Don't worry Sabrina! It's quite normal to feel that way, take all the time you need =) Oh, and congrats on being done with your exams ;)
    Also, this is why I hate pre-ordering so much. Most of the time (the 99%) the book doesn't arrive on time and the fear of being spoiled is real. I do love the Internet, but it is a dark place sometimes -__-
    I hope your time off blogging do you good ^^

    1. Thanks Noelia!
      Yeah it's so bad :(
      Thanks again! x

  3. Ohh, take some time off Sabrina, but I'm a new follower of yours and I REALLY like your blog :)
    I'm having a hard time blogging myself, It takes a toll on me, I'm also participating in NaNoWriMo and starting school soon (Yes, I start in December, long story..)

    Hope you did great on your exams! Congrats on getting them over with. <3


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!
      WOW... that is a lot to be doing this month! I hope that it all goes well :)

      Thanks again :) x

  4. It's such a familiar feeling, not being happy with my posts and ending up procrastinating happens to me a lot.
    Take the time off you need, you deserve it, and otherwise you'll probably just be frustrated with everything you blog. And enjoy your week away :)

    Still no Retribution? Gosh, you must me so annoyed. It's worth the wait!

    Congrats on finishing high school!!! How does it feel?

    1. I'm sorry that you know the feeling!
      Thank you for the advice Constance, I really appreciate it.
      Yup, still not here. I'm glad to hear that!

      Thank you! Yeah it feels pretty good!


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