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Top Ten Tuesday - Books I'm Not Sure I Want to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, just in case you didn't already know ;)

Today's picks are books that I have on my tbr shelf (on Goodreads) that I'm not so sure that I actually want to read anymore.  Opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

1.  Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
So.  I liked Anna and the French Kiss, but really, I don't know if I want to read another book so similar to it - though I don't really know how similar Lola and the Boy Next Door is (because, obviously, I haven't read it).  I'm not a massive contemporary / realistic fiction fan.  It takes a lot for me to really love a book of that genre, and I feel like if I go into this book with the high expectations I have gained from seeing countless reviews, I will be disappointed.  I'm still undecided.

2. Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I read the first book in the Covenant series earlier this year and I wasn't blown away by it, but I was interested in the concept.  To be honest, I haven't heard much about this series, but I do love the Lux series by the same author, so maybe I should stick with this a little bit longer.

3. Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
 I have heard so many mixed things about this series!  I also have absolutely no idea what it's really about.

4. Winger by Andrew Smith
This is another contemporary / realistic fiction book that I have massive expectations for.  I hear so many amazing reviews, but I worry that I may not enjoy it because of the genre. 

5. Stardust by Neil Gaiman
My concern with this is that I absolutely loved the movie, and I've heard that it's totally different from the book.  I don't want the movie to be ruined for me by reading this, which I know sounds silly, but it's a real problem that I'm facing :P 

6. Fallen by Lauren Kate
My mum thought this book was okay.  My friends from school loved it.  My Goodreads friends either loved it or hated it.  Who do I trust?! 

7. Hades by Alexandra Adornetto
I read Halo, the first in book in this trilogy, a few years ago and can't remember what I thought of it.  I think my memory the plot has become a little bit contaminated by the Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand.  I can't even remember how it ended.

8.  The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
Similarly to Halo, I read The Iron King a couple years ago.  However, I do remember not enjoying it as much as I was expecting.  Again, I can't really remember what happened, so if I decide to finish the series, I'm going to have to reread the first book.

9.  Matched by Ally Condie
This is another book I've heard mixed reviews on.  Some people love it, some people hate it.   

10.  Catalyst by Lydia Kang
If I'm to be truthful, I probably will pick this up when it comes out.  I read Control, the first in the series, earlier this year and it was pretty good, but some of the characters annoyed me.  This cover though... it's enough to convince me to continue the series!

So those are the top ten books I have marked as TBR that I'm not sure that I want to read.  Let me know what books you aren't sure you want to read, or link me to your TTT post! :) 


  1. I have Fallen on my bookshelf and I just ordered the other books as well. I'm hoping I really like it, but I bought them used so if I dont Im not missing out on too much. I really want to read Winger but everytime I go to pick it up, I put it back down. I have no idea why. I took Matched of my TBR because of all the negative reviews, I just dont wanna start another series that I may not like

    My TTT

    1. That's a good idea - to buy them used. That's too bad about Winger. I don't think I will read Matched ever to be honest - don't have enough time to waste it on something that has so many bad reviews!

      Thanks for linking your TTT, I'll go check it out! :)

  2. I've only read a few of these. I loved Lola, but if you're not a big fan of contemporary I can see why you're iffy about it. I loved Fallen when I read it, but that was a really long time ago. Same with Matched, Maximum Ride, and The Iron Fey series (Although I have read the spin-off of the Iron Fey recently and loved that, so I think my opinion is still the same). I've read Pure and the whole Covenant series. I was the same with you about it, but I do believe that the series gets better as it goes along. Anyway, I can see why you're iffy about a lot of these!

    1. I might try Lola out sometimes, I haven't come across anyone who hasn't enjoyed it. I'll wait until I'm in the mood for a nice contemporary :)
      I think I'm going to have to read Fallen, since there's a movie being made! Can you read the spin-off of the Iron Fey without having read the Iron Fey? That could be a good idea.
      Maybe I'll have to stick with the Covenant series too then lol.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion - I think you've convinced me to give a lot of these books a go.

  3. I feel the same about Matched. The girl that runs my book club told me that the first book was supposed to end as is, but the publisher wanted more so I don't know if I really want to read that. I have heard that Lauren Oliver's Delirium series is really similar and I really like her writing so I might read that instead.

    1. Oh, I never heard that information about Matched! That definitely puts me off a bit. I've read the Delirium books, and they are pretty good - I hope you decide to pick them up :)


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