Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Embarrassing 19 Years of Life

Hi everyone!  It’s my 19th birthday today, and in light of that, I thought I would share some things about myself.  Here’s the first thing I’m sharing: my favourite part of the girly magazines I used to collect were the pages where people shared their embarrassing moments.  It brought me so much happiness to see that I wasn’t the only one that failed at life.  So today, I’m hoping to bring that same happiness to you.

One could probably say that my life itself has just been a series of embarrassing moments.  From having food stuck in my teeth whilst talking to someone important (and my friends running up to tell me) (it was an entire lettuce leaf so yes, it was an emergency) to… well, I’m not actually going to tell you some of the most embarrassing things today.  They're too heavily cringe-inducing still.  I’m sharing three stories that I have come to terms with and can laugh at myself.  I’ve ordered them from least to most embarrassing.  So… let’s get to them!

The first incident occurred just this weekend, at my cousin’s 21st birthday party.  It was at a hotel function room, and it was packed with people and waiters were constantly walking around with plates of food.  One plate was filled with small hamburgers, and I decided to take one.  I’d only taken one bite before encountering what I’m going to call a “bad bit” - a part that was inedible.  The only problem was, there were no bins or even serviettes around, so I had no idea what to do.  In the end, as disgusting as this is (and trust me, it’s going to get worse and I can’t believe I’m admitting to this), I discreetly spat it out in my hand and just held it there, hoping that I would soon come across a way to dispose of it.  Unfortunately, I got another bad bit in the hamburger, so that joined the other in my hand.  I waited a long time, trying to find a serviette or something, but there were none.  In the end, I walked over to a couch and attempted to push the bad bits behind the back of the couch.  Turns out, there was no gap between the wall and the couch, so after about a 2 centimetre fall, the bad bits were stuck.  Luckily, no one noticed, but I spent the night hoping no one got any of my used hamburger stuck in their hair!

The second incident was also quite recent - it occurred a week before Halloween, at my friend’s house.  We’d all dressed up in costumes (well, my friends didn’t get that dressed up) for a Halloween party that night, because none of us were free on the actual night of Halloween (you can see my costume in my Halloween Master Post).  We’d been having a pretty good night so far, with music and playing the card game Uno.  For dinner we decided to get pizza delivered.  The delivery guy arrived almost half an hour earlier than we were informed he would be, so we didn’t have the money quite ready when he got to the door.  My friend was trying to gather the money, and the pizza guy just wanted us to take the pizzas off of him.  I was closest to the door, so my friend asked me if I could grab the pizzas - and I did.  I was a bit concerned when the pizza guy’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped, but it didn’t register until I walked back into the kitchen with the food and my other friends all started laughing that I had forgotten I was dressed as a zombie!  Sorry if I scared you, pizza delivery guy…

The last incident I want to share happened a few years ago, this time at a hedge maze.  I love hedge mazes and I can’t deny that some of the excitement of them comes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - it’s so fun to imagine that there could be magical creatures around the next corner (there never is, but this one did have a puzzle inside to solve… so that is kinda like encountering a sphinx, right?  Right!?)  Anyway, it was near the end of the day, and we were some of the only people left at the venue (there were many other activities there than the hedge maze), so we decided we would play a game of sardines.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much the reverse of hide and seek - one person hides and the rest of the players have to split up to try and find them.  My mum was the first one to go hide, and after a minute the rest of my family (father, brother and sister) split up in different directions.  So I’m running around this maze alone (which is a little creepy when the sun is going down, what with all the shadows), when I hear some heavy footsteps coming my way which I judged to be my dad’s.  I thought, why not play a prank on him?  So I hid behind the corner and made my hands into the shape of a gun.  The footsteps come around the corner and I jump out, yelling “BANG!”
It wasn’t my dad.
It was some random other guy that unbeknownst to us had entered the maze during our game.  He stopped dead in his tracks and then he just lost it.  He was laughing so hard that he had to bend over and brace himself with hands on his knees.
I was absolutely mortified, so I just shouted a quick sorry and ran far, far away.

So that’s the embarrassing stories that I have for today!  I hope you enjoyed reading them - a little something different to what I normally post - and don’t think that I should go hide under a rock for the rest of my life!  

Please feel free to share your own embarrassing moments in the comments - maybe then I won’t feel like such a weirdo :P


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA!!!!! Those stories are great, specially the first and the last one LOL at least the guy didn't take it badly and laughed it all hahaha I do have my own share of embarrassing moments of my life and one of those also involve mistaking my father with another person, but I was 7 or so. I basically was walking with my mother and my little sister and saw a man from behind wearing a shirt my father also had. And he was bald, just like my father. I didn't even stop to think that my father was supposed to be working at that hour. I simply took off shouting: "dad! dad!" and so on. I now recall my mother shouting as well: "Noelia stop! that's not your father" but at the time I didn't hear her. Anyways, I kept shouting and while I was running towards the man he turned around and I saw he wasn't my father... but you know what I did? instead of stopping I kept running ahead of him shouting "dad! dad!".... Luckily we were near a corner so I just turned around but I'm pretty sure he thought I was mental. When I came back I found my mother dying of laughter which is normal taken into account the situation.
    And that is one of my many embarrassing moments :)

    1. Hahaha thank you Noelia!
      I'm glad you liked the stories - yes, I'm so glad he just laughed at it!
      Ahaha poor 7 year old you :') At least you managed to turn the corner so it didn't look so embarrassing to the stranger! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Happy Birthday!
    You're honestly not the only one who used to always read those embarrassing stories in magazines. I used to get magazines for free (because of girl scouts I think) and I would always just skip to the back and read those stories. I've had MANY embarrassing moments throughout my life, due to the fact that I'm an awkward human being who doesn't think before, well, doing anything, but thankfully, I don't remember very many of them. Having a horrible memory comes in handy sometimes.

    1. Thank you!
      Haha I'm happy to hear that! They were the best part.
      Don't worry, I'm an awkward one too lol.
      Oh I have the best memory when it comes to embarrassing moments - lucky you!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *throws confetti* Btw, our birthdays are really close to each other - my 19th birthday was on the 21st of November. :D
    I used to read other people's embarrassing stories in magazines, and it not only made me feel like less of a freak BUT also gave me the "at least THAT hasn't happened to me, yet".
    I absolutely love your stories and laughed so hard on them (sorry not sorry), especially the maze incident, although the first one is MUCH MORE like me. I had a very similar incident at my friend's house with all her family sitting at the dinner table. Awkwaaaard.
    I think the most embarrassing thing that happened to me lately was when I ordered shoes online but chose to pay when they delivered them. I decided beforehand how much tip I'm going to give (and I was pretty freaking generous), and I thought I was ready. Now, imagine my surprise when, after handing the money to the delivery guy, he kept repeating the price and looking all confused at me. And, I kept saying, 'I know' because I figured I gave too much tips. It turned out that I accidently switched up two banknotes and gave way too little money. *FACEPALM* IT WAS SO AWKWARD!! By the time I realised my mistake he was ready to write down the price for me because I was obviously too stupid to understand numbers. He was cool about the whole thing afterwards but I was so embarrassed I just said goodbye and basically run into the house. :'D
    Amazing post and happy birthday again! :)))

    1. Ahaha thank you Veronika! Oh you're not that much older than me then :P Happy Birthday for then!
      Yes! It was always nice to see that the worst things hadn't happened to me.
      Well I'm glad they made you laugh! I have to say that the maze incident is my favourite. Ooooh no, then it would have been a lot more obvious haha.
      Uh oh, that would have been so awkward for the delivery guy! That's good that he was okay with it in the end. At least you shouldn't have to see him again lol.
      Thank you again!


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